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المنتدى : النقد و الدراسات النقدية
افتراضي دراسة ( السم بالدسم ) - قراءة فى فكر اللعين جون لافين - الكاتب / طارق فايز العجاوى

Study (poison fat) - read in the dreaded thought of John Lavin - by Writer / Tariq Fayez Ajaoy

((Poison fat))
- Reading in the thought of the dreaded Lavigne -
By Writer / / Tariq Fayez Ajaoy
Is the fact that not only suspicious, but a pen poisoned dagger stitches in the side of the Arab reality will of the owner and forced labor for this purpose and this purpose, thinking that this tiny body and strength to the resistance and forgot that good in this nation that God inherits the earth and them
And a third Alathavy Dear Sirs adopted it references - and I mean research and books only - goal of the goal and purpose in the sense that the same end Hrabha addressed to the same flesh and, unfortunately, are members of this body and will come later to discuss that and his statement
This writer is deformed and the English suspect (John Lavin) The book was titled President of the Arab mind ------ -------- examination under either sub-title was the need for understanding and any understanding of sin, O There is no doubt that we are well aware that This book is addressed to non-Arabs to poison left in the veins and minds of Ikrah and the fact that his goal of this endeavor and this book and the title of the book to you in English
Johnlaffin / TheArabmindconsidered
Since this book as we hinted earlier directed mainly to the readers of non-Arabs and into this sin to help these readers to understand the Arab mind as he claims - and any understanding - for better and obviously he was drawn plan and deliberately for the purpose of reverse completely and that he did not leave a chance of distortion or deception, but Aqtansha and to the farthest limit and a maximum range
To all cases not Agrk O Arab heart call this hack to a correct understanding of the Arabs in the early chapters of his book and sympathy which calls for the truth to the question by saying that history has turned against the Arabs in the sense that history was moving in favor of the Arabs and turned into the opposite direction since many centuries after their history, the Orient in the Middle Ages became their present dark Yes, ladies and gentlemen here is recognize the greatness of the Arabs and the greatness of their civilization - against his will just as it was said the sun does not disappear sieve - in the first eras of Islam and also describes the position supervisor Arab in Spain of many issues and especially the issue of tolerance - ie Arabs - which was one of the reasons led to the entry of many Spaniards and Baeida d large in our religion and mentioned that venerable relics and in all areas of social, economic, cultural and political ........... Etc. left by the Arabs in Europe and in the hearts of her sons, especially the Iberian Peninsula and deals with the achievement of the massive achieved by the Arabs in history for the first time, but a unification of provinces stretching from France westward to the borders of China in the east and thus create a society united multicultural formerly governed by the differences and were on the conflict permanent, a fact means the cultures of the Mediterranean and the Middle East and Near arrived Islam to China in the Far East and spread of Arab trade until I got to Sweden and the Baltic states to the west and north and the Arab culture in Spain this spring's great that the duration of Europe with all the reasons of culture and the mass of a certain lot and in the This says - people proud gentleman was in his time the highest culture of the peoples of Western Europe and had the capacity of the Greeks and Romans -
But, ladies and gentlemen what we have had a little fat, which appears when Lavigne sympathy with our civilization and is the next most dangerous is the poison given is subject to the provisions of cruel and hasty to attack our civilization and our heritage with all its, and certainly the sympathy was designed to cover the campaign cruel ferocious that he wanted to wage against our civilization Rajya of all, to put the reader in the framework of realization that this suspect in the idea of ​​the objective away from all the distortion and misrepresentation, so convince him and make its provisions subject to ratification, but say that this dreaded drag in Bahra Aker that the reader ignorant slob who lacks truth to sufficient awareness through which the keep tempting them and will be located in either sheet if possessed of consciousness that we are supposed to stick to the farthest extent it is aware and conscious reader distinguish the wheat from the chaff
Through careful reading of the idea we find that the praise which is shown Hzvh ultimately increase the effectiveness of slander and I think that we see from this sin bias on our civilization the norm there is no problem at all to appear or issue that all people prejudiced against the Arabs to the core and therefore praise the past glorious to the Arabs entrance vilify their present because the pun in this praise and coverage of the real goal
At all events I assure you, ladies and gentlemen that the source of this decay in the Arab body according to claim Lavigne is a visit to most Arab countries, which led to make friends with a huge amount of the Arabs - and I thought I heard, but like him and on his approach, or they did not knock on the door of Culture did not know a great matter their civilization and the greatness of this civilization, which supplied the world with all happiness and the causes of science and knowledge and lit candles in the darkness of ignorance of the west plunging
And here cite the words of him in this regard and we participated in the banquets ***** generous with the Bedouin did not tell them never Badzy for digestion of food and entered into a discussion, not an end to it, and I heard the worst of lies, because the Arab Imagine ---- ----- or because the Arab multiple types of truth ........... Etc. *****
I imagine God Raak - But ye, sin possessed one kind of truth based on what we see and touch you in all cases and at all levels
It is noteworthy that the most important Lavigne sources also those interviews of many Arabs, led by the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, which he said as he claims (and the curse ........) It is important that sources relied upon in his study the writings of Arab researchers immigrants to America, I think the fact chose the worst of all, to say the best of them are known to the Arabs
As important sources that are relied upon by scientists studying the Israelis who are looked up good in the academic field who are also specialists in Arab affairs and ---- Yes Dear sin --- sources in the universities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Haifa ........ Etc. to
And I am confident that the most important of these sources, which was adopted by the Arabs in the know - but it is inevitably the like - and thanks to which he described the book as a Nachroa gained fame on both sides of the Arab and Israeli writers as an objective
Here he says about himself
(((((I swear by my honor the English I told the truth about their society - means the Arab community ......))))) and any truth to the core subject-O ****, but the caravan moves on, dogs barking ***
Dear Sirs and examine models for this objective, which is said to be known by Lavin at the parties and review the elements of that fact, which led to it ----- honor the English ---
The keenness of this sin to stick the recipe of violence Arabs as he tries to prove the existence of the roots of ancient, historical to this status allotted to a wide ((Assassins)) who were using murder as a means of political pressure - they are only the Arabs looked up - and makes them a great deal of those few pages that display the a quick summary of the history of the Arabs into a reality out of all proportion with the situation marginal to that community within the framework of Arab history
But, ladies and gentlemen was the goal of this attention excessive prominent and clear, but namely to create a Commonwealth of them - any junkies - and among the Palestinians contemporaries (who calls them has always been terrorists) and even convinced readers that violence and cruelty printed Thoroughbred inherent standing in the Arab identity and shows this unfortunate and if the violence worship among the Arabs and supports his statements so he said and described the atrocities committed by saying what the Arabs against the French soldiers who have been prisoners in their hands in North Africa and the Arab states from the horrors ----- O Allaah guide you to imagine - that the brutal torture he suffered at the hands of Israeli prisoners Egyptians in the War of 1973 and the source as saying this is what was narrated by Canadian doctor who worked at a hospital in Tel Aviv
Sadly, he offers himself as a writer Worse objective and that an expert in Middle East affairs --------- Curse you and your mind and your objectivity, O ------------- ignorant and did not realize that far and wide and this for example, that French colonialism in North Africa has been committed deadliest crimes but Abashaha at all for over a century and a quarter of a century and we know from the axioms that colonialism itself the hump waste of the body parts and waste of human rights and dignity, and forgot this nobody but forgotten that dangerous division in the French public opinion about how horrible the crimes of their soldiers in the north of Africa to the extent that their own people refused to do so
Did you play the white man with the horrors of the Negroes in America and Africa, which is shameful and will remain a stigma on the forehead of humanity that God inherits the earth and them
Tanaset and all Zionists atrocities against defenseless people in Palestine will remain the date of the massacres mentioned so long as the ground ........... And وووووووووووووووووووووووووووو
On the other hand means the Arabs ugliest qualities and For them lying so he said the Arabs are liars by nature ------------- ------------ and prove this case, because the human being of Arab origin from what we heard it never - nobody - called Sunni Hammadi, a living in their environment and to work for them ---- and I think in America --- and is described as one of the greatest trusts in the psychology of Arab and its words as he claims (one has to know what to expect from the Arabs and how can deal with them to understand that laziness Arabs and lack of perseverance and a sense of responsibility and to the team spirit, cooperation, discipline and knows Tsuifam and lies For the Arab Each error is permissible provided it is not known to one and confidentiality allows all kinds of behavior and frees you from any compunction ..... and lying .................................. usually spread among the Arabs who have no idea, but distorted from the truth .. The conscience is characterized ......... flexibly Note)
The Lavin tries ------ --------- This lamb that takes the appearance of those who understands the Arab character - lying - Vivsr his saying he is not motivated by evil and a liar is not usually a deliberate liar, but he is a liar by nature * imagine ** O Allaah guide you and say *** ((for the Arab could be no more than one truth about the one thing depending on the type of language used))
As for the Arabs to look at women Ivla or summarized thus
(((The Arab threat to women belonging to other nationalities, many of the Western girls who work in large companies with branches in Arab countries have been subjected to brutal attacks and raped .............. It is impossible for a woman to going to night in a public road without being exposed to danger ............)))
--- He says that the sharp sense of reverence prevents most of the Arabs to show any kind of recklessness ....... Laughter and so rare as the Arab human being sad
It is noteworthy Lavigne also said that the Arab lacks individuality and The Arab also said that his personality may have shrunk as a result of its dependence on his family is so does not depend on itself can not solve their problems and that he can not think of himself or use his ability to act independent ----- --- The independence of the mind has no special value has -------
And then only enough to know our children or future generations need to investigate all those who write about Arabs, and teach them to govern themselves Vkfana repeating that the book in the West, closer to the objective we must review our views on the substantive alleged book Westerners and openly also be wary of those who have sold themselves to the devil cheaply and Akhosha understanding of the most dangerous known to us from traders who are from outside the goal mouth and nothing to do with Squadron and not reprehensible to sing the national homeland and safe to order them - I mean pens suspicious of people from our own -
We ask God to spare us Alosar and slippage in speech and action


وطني: أتدري ما ذنيك..؟ ذنبك أنّك جميل كيوسف،،فصار البعض كإخوته

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